Terms & Conditions


Return and cancellation policy

If you wish to return an item you must email for instructions. Items returned without authorization will be refused. Keep the original packing and invoice. Items must be returned within 7 days of receipt. Shipping charges are not refundable. Items that were damaged by your shipper are not eligible for refund. All custom items are nonreturnable. Some items that are built to order may have a cancellation fee associated with them if a cancellation is made and the item has already been partially constructed. If you have any questions about return policies or cancellation fees affecting an item please ask for clarification at or before the time of order. We will not be responsible for returning any items that come back to us as unclaimed or undeliverable; in which case, at the request and payment of the buyer, shipping must then be paid for in advance via PayPal or UPS/FedEx account. Thanks!

Privacy policy

We do not share, sell, or otherwise disseminate any of your information to companies other than those operated by this store. This would include your name, address, financial information, and e-mail address. We do not telemarket or hire telemarketers. We do not send junk faxes. We do not spam. Plus, you’ll notice we are just about the only site on the internet that does not accept advertising (at least at this time).

Shipping destinations

We currently ship to any address in the United States, including APOs, FPOs and PO Boxes. At this time, we do not ship to destinations outside the United States, but we will be expanding our business to include international destinations very soon. Please email for more info if you are interested in an international shipment. Se habla poquito Español y Japones y poco Italiano tambien.

Shipping methods

We offer shipping via FedEx Ground, UPS, and primarily USPS.

Shipping charges

Shipping charges are based on current shipping charges plus handling. The cost is based closely on nationwide FedEx Ground, UPS, and USPS rates.

While postage is generally based on a package’s weight, items that are bulky and lightweight (like JAAAHWS) can receive a surcharge due to the amount of space they take up during transportation. One of the methods the USPS uses to apply the extra charge is by “dimensional weight” and also dependent on the mail class, weight, size, and distance. International orders of JAAAHWS unfortunately get hit hard due to the lightweight yet bulky nature of the packaging.

The dimensional weight is applied to Priority Mail items that are larger than one cubic foot, which JAAAHWS packaging general is (a rectangular double-walled cardboard box 12”x. And for rectangular packages: multiply the length, width, and height (rounding all dimensions to the nearest whole inch). If the result is more than 1,728, divide it by 194 and round up to the next whole number to get the dimensional weight in pounds. The postage rate is then based on the actual weight or the dimensional weight, whichever is greater. 

Orders damaged in shipping

If you believe a package received from us was damaged in transit, please refuse shipment and tell the carrier that you are refusing delivery because the package is damaged. Then inform us of the situation (pictures help indefinitely). If you are not present at the time of delivery and cannot refuse shipment, please email us to make arrangements to return the damaged order.

General information

Since JAAAHWS are hand-made and some are made to order, please expect up to 7 to 10 business days for orders to process prior to shipment. If you would like to expedite your order please email us and we will do our very best to accommodate you.


By finalizing your purchase, YOU, as in the relevant customer or potential customer of this PRODUCT (JAAAHWS) agrees to these terms and conditions upon ordering from this SITE (http://www.jaaahws.com). If you do not agree, do not order any PRODUCTs from this site. Also, by finalizing your purchase, YOU agree to exclude all liability for ANY damage or injury that this PRODUCT may cause to all persons, animals, property – public and private.

All prices and information may be subject to change without notice as revisions are being made to this site.